What is Web Data Extraction?

Web Data Extraction is a type of information retrieval that can automatically extract structured information from unstructured or semi-structured web data sources.
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Use cases

Financial Data * Real Estate Data * Product Pricing Data * Duplicate an online database * Dynamic Web Content * Create Innovative New Services * Sales Leads * Capture Dating Site Info * Capture Auction Info * Capture Job Postings from Online Job Websites, and more.

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Methods of Web Data Extraction: Why UnitMiner?

With the explosion of the World Wide Web, a wealth of data on almost every subject has become available online. Generally, users retrieve Web data by browsing and keyword searching. Though all searches will produce links, there are limitations, and disadvantages in methodology. Data on the internet are not structured or ordered as from databases. Gathering and formatting data in desired way is what data extraction is all about.

Data extraction is the ability to retrieve data from web, and to transform and transfer it in a pre-determined way to websites, xml files, databases, and spreadsheets.

Websites are all assembled differently. Data are presented in many ways, and the structure of data changes significantly from one website to another. Additionally, websites use different encoding and different HTML elements to display their content. This is first challenge for web extraction tools: the ability to extract data from various resources.

One traditional way to extract data from the web comes in the form of programs called ‘wrappers.’ Getting a ‘wrapper’ program to decipher data (what is desired, as opposed to what is not) is hit and miss, as well as difficult to maintain accurately, and specifically. Unit Miner is sophisticated software that uses scripting language to do the job, which radically shortens the development process. Unit Miner has a high level of flexibility; scripting language is able to handle minor modifications in document structure without any maintenance work. Unit Miner offers a data extraction solution for reasonable price.