Web extraction service - data delivery

How it works? According to your requirements, we will develop a custom data extraction application.
Application will run on our servers and deliver you requested data in specified format.


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Unit Miner Service is web data extraction service able to deliver data exactly according to your request. We can deliver data 100% accurately, as often as you need. Our service takes advantage from Unit Miner Software and skills of our experienced programmers. Unit Miners sophisticated technology to develop your custom data extraction application fast and effectively, with 100% accuracy of delivered data.

We can extract

  • Any website on internet
  • Login/password protected areas
  • Dynamic pages
  • Secure sites
  • Text files

Data outputs

  • Text file, flat file
  • Database
  • Excel, CSV file
  • Custom output

What’s the price?

We keep prices at their minimum.
Therefore, pricing varies from project to project.
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Sample project pricing

A standard website application involves the following actions:

  • login to website
  • navigation to search/report page
  • entry of form data (unlimited fields) - e.g.date ranges, catalog numbers from a text file or database.
  • extraction of specified data from the output/report page
  • logout

Data Actions Included Save extracted data to text file, spreadsheet, database, XML, HTML, or other file. Optional Output Actions Customized reports The cost for the above application would be $240. This includes the initial consultation and requirements consultation, the tested customized application and unlimited email support. If your requirements are different or require more work, the rate will be different. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

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