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Web Data Extraction Software - Features

UNIT MINER core capabilities:

  • Flexible scripting laguage
  • Fast, copy & paste script creation
  • Handles minor changes in document's structure
  • Allows creating complex multi step procedures
  • Can run as standalone application
  • Can be integrated into any PHP application


UnitMiner supports multiple output format

  • Text file, flat file
  • Database
  • Excel, CSV file
  • Custom output 


To run UnitMiner on your own servers, you need:

  • PHP version 4.3.6 or newer
  • CURL extension - CURL library is a standard extension that comes togehter with PHP distribution. It may be needed to enable it in php.ini file.
  • Database - Required only if you want to save results into the database. Other options are saving to file, XML file, or even sending the data to your another system. Supported databases: MySql, MS SQL, SQLite, Oracle

Example of use

  • Gather Financial Data
  • Gather Real Estate Data
  • Get Auction Info
  • Gather Financial Data
  • Dating Site Info
  • Implement personalized news services
  • New innovative services

I have been parsing data for about 5 years and I have never used anything (whether purchased or designed by myself from scratch) that matches the speed and flexibility that UnitMiner offers. The speed of UnitMiner is quite simply "amazing". It integrates into PHP with absolute ease. I personally have built my own framework and within a week or using UnitMiner I have completely abandoned my own code and converted all of my scripts to utilize the UnitMiner framework. I have only had UnitMiner for a week or so, but I have been able to increase the speed of my scraping projects by over 1000% (literally). If you want to put pull or store data from a CSV file, HTML, XML, mySQL, SQL or scrape from the web, UnitMiner can handle it out output the data any way you want. The more I use UnitMiner the more I figure out what it can accomplish with it. Without a doubt UnitMiner is the best purchase I have ever made in regards to data mining. The support staff is amazing and knowledgeable, always quick to respond to questions, evening offering example code custom tailored to suit my specific needs. I guarantee you will not be disappointed! Thanks QualityUnit for providing such a versatile tool!

Dustin Holdiman